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Outdoor Living

Fire Pits & Patios

Turn your yard into a "Staycation Destination" with help from Dunright Construction, your go to outdoor living specialists in the Tri-Cities, Washington. We specialize in gas and wood fuel fire pits. We design and construct outdoor kitchen and dining areas, garden paths and benched yard seating.

Retaining Walls 

Add space and value to a cramped, sloped yard. We design and build brick retaining walls and fences in the Tri-Cities, that provide privacy, safety, and security to your outdoor living space. We work with Benton and Franklin County, and city officials from Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and West Richland to assure a safe and long lasting structure. 

Concrete & Pads

Looking to add curb appeal or just needing a classy new pad to show off the new hot rod? Call the premier exterior contractor in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. From removing and installing new driveways at an older home or designing and finishing for a new construction, we do it all. Patios, pads, walk ways and curbs can add just the right touch to your home. Call or text today at (509) 438-1820 for an estimate.

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