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Interior Remodel and Repairs

Interior Spaces

So, it's time to update that old kitchen? Do you need your bathroom floor refinished? Maybe you are wanting a whole new look and feel for the whole house. Call DunRight Construction, your premier remodel contractor in the Tri-Cities. We'll guide you through the entire process. We'll get you and estimate on the project, big or small. A house has so may rooms, and so many ways to make it feel like the home you have always dreamed of owning. Let us help with all your interior remodel needs. Not only do we specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling, we are here for your entire home. Turn a basement into a whole new living space, open up a cramped hallway into a larger living room, or just add a closet to a bedroom. We want you to love living in your home. Call or text today at (509) 438-1820.

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